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We provide a full range of HR services.

Consensus Building
Working from individual perspectives to a collaborative agreement is an SJM Consulting specialty. Our consensus building experts consider all organizational options, viewpoints, interests and stakeholders in a drive to achieve overall group success. Our approach is inclusive, equitable and - most importantly - respectful.
Dispute Resolution in Grievances & Mediation
SJM Consulting has extensive experience resolving disputes, with a strong focus on workplace conflicts. The ability to identify pathways to resolution while strategically responding to the needs of all parties is an SJM strength.

"Your mediation skills were greatly appreciated and helped the group to focus on the issues that were important for the new UCS models while your familiarity with the UCS Standard assisted the Committee in focusing on the inclusion of appropriate information."
-Department of National Defense
Group Facilitation
SJM Consulting offers group facilitation services that allow teams to recognize and overcome barriers together, with the full input of all participants, so they can move forward productively - planning and working toward their individual and group goals.

"On behalf of my members, I would like to thank you for your support with this difficult [project]. You did an excellent job facilitating the process. Keeping the committee focused, allowing us to reach consensus on some difficult issues. I feel that without going through this process the UMRC would only have sent us away to perform this task, delaying their work by months. Thanks again."
-Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council East
Integrated Resourse Management
An organization's resources can be varied - from human and informational to financial and technical. Managing each area effectively can be a challenge. Managing all areas in concert requires comprehensive planning and attentive implementation. That's where SJM Consulting can help!
Organizational Design
SJM Consulting guides organizations through the process of identifying their needs and objectives, with consideration of how resources, policies and procedures can work together to most effectively and efficiently bring about a successful achievement of these goals.

"Steve [of SJM Consulting] worked on a number of management issues related to the organizational design of departmental structures. [He] was viewed as a high performer often receiving requests by management for follow up work resulting in numerous additional assignments…"
-National Research Council Canada
Problem Solving
Every organization encounters roadblocks - from teams with no teamwork to strategic planning concerns and implementation issues. At SJM Consulting, we identify and thoroughly analyze the root causes of these obstacles in order to effectively address and assist in the resolution of workplace issues with tailored solutions that work.

"Mr. McDermott [of SJM Consulting] can be counted on to offer innovative effective alternatives and solutions while at the same time respecting the intent and provisions of legislation, policies and established procedures. His method of problem-solving reflects a high ethical standard and principled approach. He is both perceptive and highly analytical in this respect."
-Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Project Management
SJM Consulting can successfully manage your project needs - from initial planning and development through to implementation and completion. From startups to downsizing, and everything in between, SJM consultants have the experience needed to offer focused, results-oriented management and support services for all your project requirements.

"In several instances, I have observed [SJM Consulting] demonstrate the enviable ability to respond effectively to problems in situations requiring constant shifting of priorities in order to maintain balance between the demand for providing service and strategic advice, and meeting project deadlines. Despite disruptions and the requirement for constant adjustment…[SJM] capably maintains a consistent focus."
-Department of National Defence
Staffing and Classification
SJM Consulting provides articulate classification services to all our clients. In addition, we provide in depth staffing analysis and recommendations, including assistance from recruitments straight through to appointments.

"Mr. McDermott [of SJM Consulting] has provided me with excellent support in the areas of HR activities. His work has been a major factor in setting up my organization and staffing my vacant positions, therefore helping me to meet my own deliverables. I can confidently recommend Mr. McDermott as a solid and reliable supplier, and an expert in his field."
-Passport Canada

"In May 2005, we contracted [SJM Consulting] to provide operational classification services to the Patent Branch…[Stephen] was quickly able to provide services as a Classification Advisor making sound decisions by taking into consideration all of the internal and external organizational contexts. He participated and chaired a number of classification committees which required the revision and evaluation of many contentious cases… His level of professionalism was outstanding and appreciated by all."
-Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Work Descriptions
SJM Consulting is known for its expertise in work description writing, analysis, quality control and evaluation (including UCS and HAY format). We also provide training to those wanting to learn or improve their work description writing skills.

"Stephen [of SJM Consulting] was well versed in the classification norms used in the government. He first established a clear grasp and understanding of the new organization, its' structure, its' culture and how it was to work before undertaking any job description writing…His work was clearly articulated and fitted each position into context of the entire organization, not just one part of it…I highly recommend [him] for any similar type of work."
-Canadian Forces Housing Agency